Having the perfect website is great, but without focused content being published often, your perfect masterpiece is just going to gather dust.

That’s where an affordable SEO package really shines.

We build tailored articles for your company with organic search rankings in mind.

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Keyword Analysis

We research the trending searched words related to your business or product.

Article Planning

Once we have the word lists related to your business, we then plan out articles based on the words that are the most searched for.

Article Construction

We construct the articles in such a way that Google and other search engines will rank them in potential clients’ search results.
The construction is based off a funnel approach to convert website visitors into clients.

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Keyword Research and Planning


Extensive research is done to narrow done the best keywords to use for your business.

These words are thoroughly vetted to yield the best possible return per article.



We publish one article of +- 1000 words a month related to the best yielding searched words.

These articles are constructed according to our funnel framework to create the best returns.

Extra Articles


If you require extra content published monthly then we charge R250 per extra article needed.

The more content published a month the more visible the main website will become.

Reboot Websites article construction

Our articles are constructed within our funnel framework.

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  • We target a set audience with attention grabbing headings and keywords.
  • From there we first give an overview of the article followed by the article itself.
  • Nearing the end of the article, we start adjusting the content into a call to action as well as a contact form for the viewer to contact the business.
  • Keywords are placed carefully within the article content with an unnoticeable flow in mind.
    All created seamlessly for the best possible user experience possible.

The Authors

We have an incredible and diverse array of content creators.
With this wealth of authors, we can create articles in the perfect tone to match your business.
All our content is 100% original and very well researched.

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